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Happy Birthday to Pharmasyntez–Nord!
Happy Birthday to Pharmasyntez–Nord!

The history of the plant started on May 14, 2010 from signing with St. Petersburg Governor Memorandum of Understanding on construction of the Pharmasyntez-Nord pharmaceutical plant in the territory of special economic zone “Saint Petersburg”.  

The pharmaceutical plant is focused on the development and production of up-to-date cytostatic drugs in solid dosage forms, lyophilized powders, and concentrated solutions.

At the moment, the 1st production stage for domestic antineoplastic drugs and drugs from the list of high-cost nosologies has been launched. Now the Company is going to launch the second stage, a high level of readiness of which was assessed in April by Aleksandr Beglov, St. Petersburg Governor.

The new plant will produce drugs for the treatment of oncology and autoimmune diseases, diseases associated with endocrine disorders, as well as vaccines. 

We wish to Pharmasyntez-Nord further prosperity, huge success, and high-quality results! 

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