Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader
Oleg Astafurov: “Bringing an innovative drug to market can be compared to building an entire plant”
Oleg Astafurov: “Bringing an innovative drug to market can be compared to building an entire plant”
Pharmasyntez took part in the IХ Congress “Innovational Practice: Science Plus Business”, which took place on December 13-15th.

It was organised by M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and “Innopraktika”, a nongovernmental development institute.

The main topic of the event was “Collective Russian Sovereignty: The Value of Joining Efforts of Science, Business, and Authorities”. This year, for the first time, representatives of pharmaceutical business were invited to participate in the congress.

Bringing together science, business and authorities resulted in the creation of a committee for innovative pharmaceutics. At the event, the committee made a number of proposals, including:

  • the improvement of tax incentives for expenditure for research and development

  • greater coverage of accelerated approval of anticoronavirus drugs, now also applying to domestic medicines of other profiles.

First of all, the proposed measures aim to fill the gap in technology transfer from science to business. They will help stabilise the situation on the drug market in socially sensitive segments and accelerate the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Oleg Astafurov, Vice President of Government Relations, Pharmasyntez, noted:

“In terms of timing and volume of finance, the market launch of one breakthrough innovative drug can sometimes be compared to the construction of an entire plant. The Pharmasyntez Group of Companies has achieved high results both in the field of import substitution and innovation. In the year of the company’s 25th anniversary, we completed the construction of two pharmaceutical plants for the production of hormonal drugs in Tyumen and biotechnological drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis in St. Petersburg. Pharmasyntez’s product portfolio includes two innovative drugs: Saterex® (INN Gosogliptine) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and Perchlozone®, antituberculosis drug. The company has also two candidate drugs undergoing clinical trials in Russia and abroad: innovative drug PF-114 (INN Vamotinib) for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia, and Seroguard® (INN Adezmapimod, Vimdemer), a potentially break-through drug for the prevention of adhesion disease. Thus, there are achievements in the field of innovation, which will be even more numerous in the near future”.