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Pharmasyntez has signed Agreements of Intent for the construction of new manufacturing sites at SPIEF`21
Pharmasyntez has signed Agreements of Intent for the construction of new manufacturing sites at SPIEF`21

A plant for the production of parenteral nutrition is planned to be built in the Kaluga region 

Parenteral nutrition products in the form of special infusions to be produced are administered intravenously if a patient is unable to eat. 

The volume of investments in the project will amount to 2 billion rubles. 250 jobs will be created. To implement the project, the company is considering the Borovsk site of the Kaluga SEZ.

Vikram Punia, President of Pharmasyntez, said:

The company intends to rump up its production in the Kaluga region. We expect the overall production volume to be more than 1 million bottles of parenteral nutrition. 

Vladislav Shapsha, the Governor of the Kaluga region, noted: 

The pharmaceutical cluster, which has been built from the ground up over the past 10 years, includes 66 residents. To be more precise, with Pharmasyntez as a new resident, there are 67 of them. It is a trend that will develop in the Kaluga region. I think that, in the near future, the biggest share in the region’s tax revenues will be taxes paid by pharmaceutical companies.

Creating a site for heart disease drug production on the basis of Pharmasyntez-Tyumen, LLC, Tyumen 


It will be the second largest project implemented in the Tyumen region, after a newly built plant for the production of hormonal drugs has been launched into commercial operation.

Vikram Punia expressed his gratitude to Alexander Moor, the Governor of the Tyumen region:

I would like to express my gratitude for the continuous support to the pharmaceutical industry. It is not the first agreement we have signed. Pharmasyntez already invested over 6 billion rubles in the Tyumen region. Now, we have signed a new Agreement with the Tyumen region and the investments will exceed 4 billion rubles. The company will produce modern cardiovascular drugs.

Alexander Moor, the Governor of the Tyumen region, noted:

In the past, the Government of the Tyumen Region made the right choice and Pharmasyntez became the owner of the YugraPharm plant in 2015. Since then, the number of jobs at the plant has grown almost ten-fold. The plant is actively expanding its portfolio and introducing new production facilities. Bilateral cooperation between government and business will continue in the future.

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