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Dextran 40 solution for infusion
Pharmacotherapeutic group
Plasma volume expander
International name
Dextran [av. MW: 35,000-45,000]
Dosage form
Solution for infusion
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Solutions of high molecular weight dextran with sodium chloride, glucose or mannitol are multifunctional plasma volume expanders. It normalizes hemodynamics and restores volume of fluid in the bloodstream. High molecular weight dextran solutions also improve microcirculatory flow and reduce aggregation of blood corpuscles and blood viscosity. Mannitol-containing dextran solutions has an osmotic diuretic effect which contributes to elimination of poisons, toxins, and metabolic products. A pronounced volemic effect improves hemodynamics and, at the same time, is accompanied by washing out metabolic products from tissues which, together with increased diuresis, results in an accelerated detoxification of the body.
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