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Pharmacotherapeutic group
Plasma volume expander
International name
Hydroxyethyl Starch + [sodium chloride + potassium chloride + calcium chloride + magnesium chloride + sodium acetate + malic acid]
Dosage form
Solution for infusion
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it is a colloid plasma expander based on hydroxyethyl starch (HES), a high molecular compound consisting of polymerized dextrose units.  HES is derived from derived from amylopectin, a natural starch obtained from potatoes, gold ripe corn kernels, rice, wheat, which is cleaved to obtain molecules of a particular molecular weight and hydroxylated so that free hydroxyl groups of dextrose units are substituted by hydroxyethyl groups at C2/C6 positions. The latter contributes to a slower amylopectin hydrolysis rate by serum amylase and a longer blood half-life. Due to its water-binding capacity, HES can increase the circulating blood volume by 130-140% of the administered volume (a steady plasma expansion effect lasts for 3 to 4 hours). It restores haemodynamics, enhances microcirculation, blood rheology (by reducing hematocrit), reduces plasma viscosity and platelet aggregation, and prevents RBC aggregation.
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