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Pharmacotherapeutic group
Potassium-magnesium agent
International name
Potassium-magnesium asparaginate
Dosage form
Concentrate for solution for infusion
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The drug is used to treat potassium and magnesium deficiency; it helps to restore the electrolyte balance and stimulates myocardial metabolism. Its mechanism of action is associated with asparaginate effective involvement in the transport of magnesium and potassium ions into the cell. Magnesium activates Na+-K+-ATPase by pumping sodium ions out of the cell and potassium ions into it; it also reduces concentrations of sodium and prevents its exchange for calcium in vascular smooth muscle reducing their resistance. Potassium stimulates the synthesis of ATP, glycogen, proteins, acetylcholine, etc. The two ions maintain polarization of the cell membrane. The drug regulates a nerve impulse transmission along a neuron, synaptic transmission, muscular contraction, myocardic muscle function. Due to magnesium ions, the drug participates in energy uptake and consumption, normalizes membrane permeability, neuromuscular conductivity, synthesis of DNA and RNA, cell growth, mitosis, oxygen uptake, and phosphate synthesis.
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