Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader

Attractive employer

Creating the comfortable operating conditions for the employees is the main goal of the Pharmasyntez corporate culture which has been awarded by the award "The Attractive Employer 2017".

Working atmosphere

Pharmasyntez employees interact with mutual respect. They support freedom of thought, variety of cultures and experience. There is the atmosphere in which each of them feels the personal value. The company creates the atmosphere which encourages to use talents and ideas of all the employees.

Involvment of employees

The success of the Company directly depends on involvement of employees. This allows the Company to reach higher results, support a safe working environment and improve the competitiveness.

Healthy food

We care about our employees and aim to constantly increase the level of social guarantees and create all the necessary conditions for successful accomplishment of job responsibilities. So, for example, there is a big dining hall at the Irkutsk plant which operates during the complete working cycle and completely corresponds to the production schedule of the plant. At the same time the company partially covers employees’ expenses on food.

Contest for innovations

Employees remain motivated and interested in their job by having involving and diverse corporate life. There is a Competition of innovations which is held every year. It represents the developments which are submitted for discussion to competent jury. The majority of the offered projects are implemented within a year, and the contest winner is generally recognized not only by his creative ideas, but also with a notable cash prize.

Creative contests

There are numerous children's creative competitions in which personnel children take part. We also actively celebrate professional and seasonal holidays: Day of the health worker, Birthday of the company, New Year and others.