Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader
JSC Pharmasyntez

The history of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies began in 1997 with the construction of a pharmaceutical plant for the production of anti-TB drugs in Irkutsk. It was there that the company's first drugs were produced. In 2009, the plant was completely modernized; a small-scale production department opened in 2017, and a solid sterile dosage form department was launched in January 2021.

It is not only a large manufacturing site but also a robust research center.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Pharmasyntez, JSC

The Irkutsk plant produces:
Anti-COVID, anti-TB, antiviral, antineoplastic, antifungal drugs, sterile dosage forms, antibiotics.
Dosage forms







Prefilled syringes


Tubes (gels, ointments, creams)


Solid dosage forms
  • tablets – 7 lines
  • capsules – 2 lines
  • granules – 1 line

Sterile dosage forms
  • solutions for injection – 1 line
  • sterile powders for solution for injection – 2 lines
  • prefilled syringes and cartridges – 1 line/li>
  • glass ampules – 1 line
  • lyophilized products, solutions, concentrates – 2 lines

Soft dosage forms
  • oral solutions – 1 line
  • tubes (gels, ointments, creams) – 1 line
  • suppositories – 1 line

R&D Department

Works with all finished dosage forms, including prefilled syringes and cartridges:

  • development of innovative and generic drugs
  • search of new molecules for the treatment of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, oncology diseases
  • Investment of 500 million RUB per year