Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader
JSC Pharmasyntez

The history of JSC Pharmasyntez began with a construction of the pharmaceutical plant which specialized in production of antitubercular medicines in Irkutsk in 1997. Exactly there the first medicines of the company were created. In 2009 the plant was completely modernized, and in 2017 a low-tonnage production department was opened.

It is not only large production site, but also a powerful research center.

The plant in Irkutsk makes more than 15 millions packages a year, and the number is not limited: the company has all necessary options to increase production capacities.

Alexander Keyko
General Manager

At its 20th anniversary the company is in good shape. During the last three years we have expanded 5 times. And if to consider the fact that the staff have increased only 2 times, this means the productivity have increased 2.5 times. By this factor we are now very close to European pharmaceutical companies.

Research and Development Center

Production of all dosage forms

  • Development of innovative medicines and generics
  • Search for the new active substances for treatment of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, oncological diseases
  • Annual investments - 500 million rubles
Solid dosage forms
  • Tablets - 4 lines
  • Capsules - 2 lines
  • Granules - 1 line
Sterile dosage forms
  • Solutions for injections - 1 line
  • Powders for preparation of injection solutions - 2 lines
JSC Pharmasyntez
Factory modernization investments 5 500 000 000 rubles
Antitubercular, antiviral, antineoplastic, antifungal medicines, sterile dosage forms, antibiotics
Annual production in packagings


Tablets7 146 654
Capsules4 177 743
Granules48 138
Solutions2 337 109
Powders1 036 056