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Intellectual property

Intellectual property

The Pharmasyntez Group adheres to the highest standards concerning the intellectual property. We are respectful to the exclusive rights of the third parties and also actively register exclusive rights on own intellectual property items (inventions and trademarks).

We carry out patenting of the created inventions and procedures of trademarks registration in various required countries.

There are more than 60 Russian and international patents for inventions in the Pharmasyntez Group portfolio. There are more than 85 Russian and international patent requests under consideration.

The main patented products

Perchlozon — innovative tuberculosis treatment medicine, especially efficient against multiple drug resistance tuberculosis (MDRTB). The medicine is patented in 113 countries (WIPO ID WO2011/132114)


Serogard — the first-ever innovative medicine for treatment and prevention of an adhesive disease of various organs. The medicine is patented in 141 countries (WIPO ID WO2012/156938);


Kalidavir — the combined medicine for treatment of HIV, which contains lopinavir and ritonavir. This medicine is the analog of the medicine "Kaletra". Kalidavir is patented in 39 countries (WIPO ID WO2014/104929).

In the Pharmasyntez Group product portfolio there are more than 90 trademarks registered in the Russian Federation and other countries. In addition to the registered trademarks there are 20 requests for trademarks. Also there is 1 request for the international registration of the trademark (26 patent authorities, 69 countries).

More than 90 registered trademarks
The Pharmasyntez Group offers its partners all the help in registration of the exclusive rights for joint intellectual property items worldwide.