Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader

In 2015 Pharmasyntes production capacities has extended and the plant in Tyumen was open and the production of antineoplastic medicines has began. After a year in 2016 the production line was started to produce solid dosage forms.

In 2017 the production was expanded once again by installation of the modern equipment from the leading global manufacturers - Romaco, Famar and Niro-Automatic.

14 million plastic bottles are made annually by amount of 100, 200, 250, 400 and 500 ml. Annual production of tablets is 3 billion pieces, capsules - 250 million pieces.

Alexey Glushakov
General Manager

We strive to be a leader in the world pharmaceutical industry through innovation, building a strong corporate culture and sustainable development, constant aspiration to improve the quality of our products.

  • Fully automatic packing lines Romaco and Famar
  • 2 high-speed mixer-granulators Niro-Automatic
  • Tabletpress SeJong
  • Fluidized bed drier Niro-Automatic
  • Coater (film coating, sugar coating) GS
  • Bottlepack system by Rommelag company
  • Bottling line (glass bottles) GF
Solutions for infusions and injections
  • 1 line to produce solutions for infusions and injections
  • 2 lines to produce infusion solutions
Tablets and capsules
  • Flat and biconvex tablets with a diameter of 6-12 mm, tablets in the form of capsules, tablets of an elliptic form;
  • Capsules (powders/pellets);
  • Possibility to label tablets and capsules
Investments in factory modernization 2 700 000 000 rubles
Antihyperglycemic (antidiabetic) medicines, antitubercular, antiprotozoan and antimicrobial medicines, haemostatic and antiviral (HIV) drugs
Annual production
Glass bottles 6 000 000
Plastic bottles 14 000 000
Tablets 3 000 000 000
Capsules 500 000 000