Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader

Career development

The Pharmasyntez company pursues the policy of internal staff rotation and consecutive appointment of employees to more responsible positions in the Company if it is possible and reasonable.

Promotion is based on private interests, technical skills, capabilities, results of work, initiative, knowledge and the employees potential of career development.

Training and development

The main goal of the company is to provide all employees with an opportunity to assume the responsibility according to his abilities. So the Pharmasyntez company provides training facilities and gives the recommendations about increasing the work outcome and renders assistance to the employees who have the capabilities necessary for career development.

We acknowledge that the most important factor of development is the effort of the employee directed to self-improvement. Therefore, employees shall do everything possible to educate and enhance abilities for fulfilling the purposes of career development and satisfy Companys requirements.

Training center

There is a special Training center which unites various means and forms of education and career planning to provide career development to staff.

Training programs provide a co-operation with the best educational institutions within Russia and other countries.

Making professionals

The company cares about having professional staff and starts right from their school-days. For this purpose we often invite students to excursions and meetings, acquaint them with the factory departments (chemical laboratory, manufacture workshops), organize lectures by department managers.

Target training

Since 2016 the Pharmasyntez company has been making competitive candidate screening for target training at the Irkutsk State Medical University in "Pharmacy" specialization, at the Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy (SPCPA) in "Biotechnology" and "Chemical Technology" specializations. The most successful graduates of high schools study at the expense of the company, get a target grant, and after the end of the studies could be provided with workplaces at the entities of JSC Pharmasyntez.

Co-operation with educational institutions

The Pharmasyntez company is interested in employment of the graduates. There are regularly held meetings with Students during which opportunities and conditions of employment of young specialists are discussed.

Besides, the company is a permanent partner of the Russian Baikal Chemistry Conference which is carried out by the Irkutsk State University.

In 2017 the Pharmasyntez was the general sponsor of the VII Russian scientific conference of students and graduate students "Young pharmacy — future potential", which was based on Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy.