Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader

Personnel policy

Professional employees

Pharmasyntez is the acknowledged leader in the Russian pharmaceutical industry and co-operates with talented, professional and committed highly motivated staff. They represent the basis for the company’s successful performance. Therefore Pharmasyntez pursues policy which provides employees participation in the company's future growth.

The main aim of the personnel policy is to create the conditions for high-productive work, effective workflow and personnel development.

Our staff is the company's basis

Pharmasyntez perceives employees as a human capital which is a key component of the company’s value.

The main strategy of the personnel policy is management and development of the human capital in such way which provides an opportunity for the staff to implement their potential, taking into account their interests, capabilities, experience and desire to work and, therefore, promotes the professional growth of employees and economic development of the company.

Equal opportunities

There are equal opportunities for all the potential employees and current employees during their work in the Company. We fulfil the requirements and restrictions of the Russian Federation laws since the moment of hiring and employment, and then during training, development, payment of remuneration and compensations, the transition and promotion, including any other conditions and the privileges of employment, regardless of nationality, race, skin color, religion, sex, relationship status, age, physical capacities, nationality or any other characteristics, stipulated by the legislation.

High industrial standars

Pharmasyntez welcomes and encourages behavior of employees which corresponds to the principles of a corporate culture, directed to a value growth and implementation of its strategic objectives. This is the culture of initiative and responsibility. It is focused on high ethical standards and results achievement, professionalism and co-operation.

Pharmasyntez supports modern methods of production organization and safety, optimization of the working equipment and processes, compliance to high industry standards.

Social responsibility

Pharmasyntez runs its business according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the existing local regulations. In addition to the compulsory social insurance, stipulated by the legislation, the Company voluntarily assumes additional liabilities on voluntary medical insurance for the special category of personnel.

The benefits package is determined at the level of each Company’s affiliated enterprise taking into account the company’s policy, business plans, regulations of the Labor code and regional features. After that it is fixed in the administrative acts of the affiliated enterprise, and is reflected in the plan and is financed depending on the financial results of activities and the current financial opportunities of the company.


Pharmasyntez’s policy includes different levels of remuneration which are similar to remuneration levels offered in leading Russian companies. Anyway the size of remuneration is based on the obligations connected with a position and the results of the work. Remuneration includes the fixed salary and can also include a variable component of the salary.

The fixed salary consists of remuneration for accomplishment of the job responsibilities connected with the employee position and his area of responsibility. The arrangement between the employee and the Company concerning the size of the fixed salary is arranged in the job offer. The employee’s size of the salary can be changed as a result of assessment of work, qualification requirements, certifications, transition to the other position or depending on the requirements of the legislation in Russian Federation.

The variable part of the salary is based on different achievements of the certain results and the connected indicators which provides Company’s growth and development. The regulations and the size of the variable part of the salary is reflected in internal local regulations.

The company applies all the existing encouragement forms and also different motivational bonuses. The company applies various means of motivation and encouragement depending on the type of activity and area of responsibility of each certain employee.