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Metronidazole solution for infusion
Pharmacotherapeutic group
Antimicrobial and antiprotozoal agent
Dosage form
Solution for infusion
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Antimicrobial and antiprotozoal agent, 5-nitroimidazole derivative. Metronidazole mechanism of action is due to biochemical reduction of its 5-nitro group by intracellular transport proteins anaerobic bacteria and protozoa. The reduced 5-nitro group of metronidazole interacts with DNA of the microbial cell inhibiting synthesis of nucleic acids which results in bacteria death. The drug is highly effective against Trichomonas vaginalis, Giardia intestinalis (Lamblia intestinalis), Entamoeba histolytica, and obligate anaerobes (both spore-forming and non-spore-forming ones) such as Bacteroides spp. (В. Fragilis, В. ovatus, В. distasonis, В. thetaiotaomicron, В. vulgatus), Fusobacterium spp., Clostridium spp., Peptostreptococcus spp., Peptococcus spp., and susceptible Eubacterium strains. Aerobic microorganisms and facultative anaerobes are not susceptible to metronidazole but, in the presence of mixed (aerobe and anaerobe) flora, it shows a synergistic effect with antibiotics that are effective against common anaerobes.
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