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Pharmacotherapeutic group
Electrolyte replacement agent
International name
Potassium chloride + magnesium chloride + sodium acetate + sodium gluconate + sodium chloride
Dosage form
Solution for infusion
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The drug product of Ionoplasm is an isotonic solution of electrolytes. It closely matches the electrolyte composition of blood by its electrolyte constituents and their concentrations. Ionoplasm pharmacological properties are those of its components (water, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, acetate and gluconate ions). The main effect of Ionoplasm is the expansion of the extracellular (interstitial and intravascular) compartment. Sodium acetate and sodium gluconate are bicarbonate-producing salts and as such are alkalinizing agents. When a medication is added to Ionoplasm, the overall pharmacodynamics of the solution will depend on the nature of the drug used.
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