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Local anesthetic agent
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Local anesthetic with a moderate anesthetic activity and wide therapeutic margin. Being a weak base, it blocks Na+ channels, inhibiting the impulse generation in sensory endings and nerve impulse propagation. It changes the action potential in the neuron membrane without affecting its resting potential. It blocks both pain impulses and impulses of other origin. Following an oral dose absorption or an intravascular injection, it decreases excitation of peripheral cholinoreceptors, reducing acetylcholine production and release by preganglionic neurons (it has some ganglion blocking effect), stopping a smooth muscle spasm, reduces excitation of the myocardium and motor areas of the cortex. It eliminates downstream inhibitory effects of the brainstem reticular formation and blocks polysynaptic reflexes. It has a duration of action (the regional anesthesia duration is about 0.5 to 1 hour).
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