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Pharmacotherapeutic group
MRI contrast agent
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Dosage form
intravenous solution
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Gadobuscan® is a paramagnetic contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging.

Image contrast enhancement is due to its active component gadobutrol, which is a neutral (nonionic) complex of gadolinium (III) with a macrocyclic ligand - dihydroxy-hydroxymethylpropyltetraazacyclododecane-triacetic acid (butrol).

When T1-weighted pulse sequences are used in magnetic resonance studies, the shortening of spin-lattice relaxation time of excited atomic nuclei induced by gadolinium ions leads to an increase in signal intensity and, as a result, to an increase in the contrast of images of certain tissues. However, when using T2*-weighted sequences, the induction of local nonhomogeneity of the magnetic field under the influence of the strong magnetic moment of gadolinium at its high concentration (bolus administration) leads to a decrease in the signal.

Gadobutrol even at low concentrations causes a significant shortening of relaxation times. The ability to alter the relaxation times T1 and T2, as determined by the effect on the spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation times of protons in plasma at pH 7 and 40°C, is approximately 5.6 l/mmol*s and 6.5 l/mmol*s, respectively. The ability to affect the relaxation time is only slightly dependent on the magnetic field strength.

No inhibition of enzyme activity was detected by gadobutrol.
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