Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader
Pharmasyntez is a participant of the All-Russian Festival of Professions Time of Opportunities
Pharmasyntez is a participant of the All-Russian Festival of Professions Time of Opportunities

“For the best specialists the best career opportunities” is the motto of the Career Days currently taking place at the large-scale International Exhibition-Forum Russia. The event, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia, has attracted major employers from all over the country.

On March 13, the Irkutsk Region Career Days opened on the main stage of the festival with the support of the regional administration. Representatives of four of the largest enterprises of the South-East of Siberia told about the professions and specialties in demand today. They answered questions about qualification requirements for employment and social guarantees provided to the employees of the enterprise.

The Pharmasyntez Group of Companies was represented by Larisa Kulbachnaya, Acting Director for Human Resources and Personnel Policy.


In her welcoming speech, Larisa talked about the specifics of working at the flagship pharmaceutical plant in Irkutsk. She addressed the important issues of attracting young specialists, career prospects, training, and support programs at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the region.

 “Building a career at Pharmasyntez is an opportunity to participate in the creation of modern, socially important medicines to preserve the life and health of Russian citizens,” Larisa shared.

 As a confirmation, the company presented the story of Olga Savvina, a young specialist who recently joined the company. In her presentation, Olga explained in detail what her job is, how interesting and meaningful she finds it, and shared her vision of her future prospects:

“During my work at the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies, I was able to demonstrate my key skills and abilities. The knowledge and experience I gained on a daily basis gave me an impetus for professional growth and development. For me personally, working at Pharmasyntez is first and foremost stability and a guarantee of a successful future, as well as an important and integral part of my life.”