Russian Pharmaceutical Industry Leader
Nikita Punia, “Today, we need new solutions to speed up exportation of medicines”
Nikita Punia, “Today, we need new solutions to speed up exportation of medicines”

On September 6, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a round table discussion about International cooperation of Russia in the pharmaceutical industry and the production of medical equipment.

The event gathered the regulators, representatives of public and business associations of Russia and the CIS, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers on one platform.

The Pharmasyntez Group of Companies was represented by Nikita Punia, Executive Director, who spoke about the peculiarities of exporting pharmaceutical products to the CIS and ASEAN countries.

Mr. Punia noted that today new solutions are, first of all, needed to speed up the process of obtaining a CPP (Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product).

“Our country is digitalized enough for the process to take a couple of days, just like it happens in India, for instance. And for it to be as transparent and convenient as possible.

Another thing that speeds up the process of export is the recognition of files on the EAEU level. For example, today, in some CIS countries a file is formed both according to the rules of the EAEU and the national procedures, each of them has its own peculiarities. And, unfortunately, it is not always clear which direction you need to move towards.

It is necessary to clearly outline the advantages of the EAEU approach for registering drugs in the commonwealth, since it is more efficient and convenient in comparison with national procedures,” added the Executive Director of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies.

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